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Dangerous Goods Transport

If your company needs a specialized transport of dangerous goods, Hispagan can be the solution to your needs.

At the time of a transport of these characteristics, special attention must be paid to all the regulations and security systems that the transport of one of these loads requires.

That is why, given the extensive experience of our fleet and logistics team in the transport and handling of dangerous goods, we can position ourselves as one of the best options in our area for the transport of dangerous goods.

Given the utmost importance of ADR transport, all Hispagan staff and its fleet are constantly evolving both in technology and in continuous training to be able to offer the best guarantee in this type of very special service.

The entire fleet of Hispagan trucks specialized in ADR transport are equipped with all approved signaling, in addition to having all kinds of PCI systems such as fire extinguishers for each type of merchandise, as well as the ADR system.

The guarantees of the transport of your dangerous goods when opting for Hispagan will be in the best hands given the quality of our logistics team and the experience in the sector, being able to advise and inform you of the best solutions when dealing with this type of transport so delicate.

Advantages of the

Dangerous Goods service


Hispagan has 25 years of consolidated experience in the sector of National and International Land Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). Professionalism and efficiency at the service of our clients.


All our vehicles and drivers are adapted to current regulations, both with the marking of our vehicles and corresponding permits, having passed all the required inspections.


At Hispagan we manage all Dangerous Goods shipments in the most efficient way, always taking into account the product being transported and the recipient’s needs, as well as the unloading conditions.



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